The Sneeze

“The Sneeze” is a tale of two songs, both of which come together in an effortless fashion. The first is deep and introspective, conveying what seems like those conversations we’ve all had with ourselves. You know the ones. The dark, driving bassline and melancholy guitar work assists in the imagery, painting what seems like will be an ominous picture throughout. The second is light-hearted and flirtatious, brought to life with playful guitar and flute progressions, leaving the unavoidable desire to get up and frolic around your laptop.

Inventiveness is hard to come by these days, especially when using instruments that people have had access to for centuries. It seemingly comes easy to argonaut&wasp, though, as they continually surprise and delight us bloggers, starting back with tracks like “Higher Ground” and “Pistol Pump Funk,” continuing up to today’s release.

“The Sneeze” officially ends a five-month hiatus for everyone who became enamoured with the highly infectious tunes from this Vermont-born, Brooklyn-based act. We can only hope the next wait won’t be as long.

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