Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe how fantastic this track is. Occupying the fine genre of baroque-pop, the Philadelphia based Brown Recluse has completely rocked my face today with their mini-LP Panoptic Mirror Maze, which they released freely on their Bandcamp. The retro sound hearkens back to the rock ‘n roll music of the 1960s, and in a way, sounds a little like The Morning Benders or perhaps even The Young Veins.

From the opening brass section to the closing electric guitars, it’s hard not to love “Memory Museum.” The track immediately captured me in its trance. It’s everything that I love about music, and while it is not as relaxing as folk music, there is something quite inherently great and relaxed about it.

Their debut album, Evening Tapestry, is being released by Slumberland Records on March 15th.

Brown Recluse – Memory Museum

’Memory Museum’
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