I Miss You

If Phil Good ever stopped making music, we’d miss him. We’d miss him so much in fact, we’d go outside the window of his house and sing his new song “I Miss You” despite being utterly atrocious singers. Hopefully we don’t have to do that and we can leave the singing to Phil.

“I Miss You” is Phil’s best track yet, which is saying a lot given his powerful, but still small catalog. His indie-pop meets electronic sound is just what the radio needs; a genuinely good song that wasn’t made specifically with the radio in mind. It feels like an indie track, but it’s so much more than that. Phil always manages to keep his sights on the underground while managing to release works that have crazy potential. Only time will tell just how high Phil can go, but we’re philling good about him… okay bye now, just listen to “I Miss You” and enjoy.

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