We’ve been all over this guy for a while now, following his first two track releases from his highly anticipated album Cataclasm. However, it hasn’t been easy! Having broken away from the buzz of California, and hidden amidst the isolation of Iceland, he confides in the necessity of a new environment to work within, in order to generate a new sense of creativity. Now he’s hit us with another new release, “Akureyri”. Crywolf (A.K.A Justin Taylor Phillips) is building quite the portfolio, consisting of these empowering/ ethereal sounds, placing us within a state of elation. Comprising of organic sounds created in his lake-side cabin, this track its beautifully authentic and honest, something which he’s passionate about as an artist.

As a producer, musician and vocalist, he holds an eclectic and rare skill set enabling him to work individually, and yet explore his incredible style of electronic and acoustic music. Cataclysm is set to be released on 20th November, and if it’s a body of work representative of what he’s already shown us, it’ll take the industry by storm!

Throughout the writing and recording Phillips is documenting the process and guides us through this new and “alien” environment he’s inhabited. He discusses the impact of this new surrounding and escaping from the claustrophobia of the city; this documentation can be found on YouTube.

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