Samuel Proffitt X AOBeats
Sirens ft. Jeff Sontag & Jess Zobler

Whenever we see Samuel Proffitt’s name come up on our radar, we can’t help but stock up on extra boxes of Kleenex because we already know we’re about to endure a purge of suppressed emotions. After his sensational debut release, “Sladky”, we have been patiently awaiting the day where we could violate the repeat button. Well, the wait is finally over because our favorite sadboii teamed up with Moving Castle’s, AOBeats, to create their haunting yet mesmerizing track, “Sirens” which features the well known vocals of Jeff Sontag and his girlfriend Jess Zobler (precious, right?).

“Sirens” resonates something immensely powerful, highly original, and dauntingly familiar with its vocal-driven production. Flooded with mellow, ambient elements, futuristic chimes that ring of anguish, and a brilliantly arranged sound design, Samuel Proffitt and AOBeats give us a yin and yang effect that perfectly blend together to create a timeless track that will forever be adorned. With such a stunning production, Jeff Sontag and Jess Zobler had the challenging role of metaphorically painting us all a picture of what appears to be a modern day story about the mythological Siren in Greek mythology. However, as mythological as those female creatures are, we all have experienced a toxic lover throughout our lifetime and “Sirens” is essentially that. As Jeff Sontag relives the toxicity of being seduced in by the Siren (Jess Zobler), both vocals harmoniously pull us into this memoir of despair. “Sirens” is bound to make you all feel some type of way, so hurry on up and grab your free download while we wait for Samuel Proffit’s forthcoming debut EP, Blue Notebook No. 10 on January 27th.

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