Joshua Michael Robinson
Sweet Ascension

Well, here we are, thinking we’ve made it all the way through New Music Tuesday, when this fabulous tune hits us like a ton of bricks. Pun slightly intended, we caught this on Red Brick Songs’ soundcloud, and we’ve had it on repeat ever since.

Dropping only a few hours ago, “Sweet Ascension” is an absolutely mesmerizing tune from Joshua Michael Robinson, and it carries complex intricacies of soft, lazy strumming, smokey verses, harmonious choruses, and lasting, afterglow found in only the most enchanting songs.

Written and performed by Joshua Michael Robinson, Jason Haberman and Hayden Bursk of Oh Travioso, this tune is a far departure from JMR’s usual soulful sounds, but we can’t be more grateful he decided to put it out. Simply put, it encapsulates the sheer, stunning beauty that a person’s voice and a few instruments can create. One can’t help but simply sit back and smile, drinking in all that is “Sweet Ascension”.

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