At one point, we thought we’d never hear anything from The Elected again. After Blake Sennett, the band’s songwriter/guitarist, gave up music in 2010, it seemingly was over. But, with some gentle coaxing, and a collaborative effort to get the band moving again, the end result is a meticulously written and produced third album with Vagrant records.

Bury Me In My Rings (available for pre-order on itunes) has a relaxed feel with sounds that vary from folksy indie rock to feel-good summer tunes that will echo out of sun soaked backyards. With a broad array of instruments, and well crafted lyrics, it’s easy to play the entire album, start-to-finish, and enjoy every little bit.

The tracks below are just a taste of what’s to come on May 17th. Babyface has a warm soulful vibe, that’s reminiscent of the Talking Heads. While Go For The Throat feels like a blend of the 70’s with a new-indie rock feel. Both are perfect examples of why this album will be well received by lovers of the classics, and indie rock alike. Enjoy.

The Elected – Born To Love You

’Born To Love You’

The Elected – Babyface

’02 Babyface.mp3′

The Elected – Go For The Throat

’05 Go For The Throat.mp3′
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