Kai Straw

San Francisco artist Kai Straw is making his return over the upcoming weeks until his album, Toothpick, comes out in full. Prior to the release date on April 12th, Kai will be releasing a few singles for fans to enjoy before the full project is out. He’s kicked things off with “Friction,” which has the artist moving a bit away from his hip-hop sound and more to an indie style.

“Friction” is a ballad that many millennials can connect to. It’s love-laced lyrics are fraught with passion that seeps into the funky beat created by James The Bear, who produced the album in its entirety. Kai has performed a live show in the past, opening for such acts as Big Krit, Clyde Carson and more, but this track is really built around that live band experience, utilizing acoustic components for a life-like expression. We’ve been lucky enough to preview the album in full, and we have to say, you’re in for a real treat. Check back each week until the album drops so you can get some sneak previews into this extraordinary LP.

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