Max and the Moon
Modern Love

Jesus, Los Angeles just seems to have all the best up and coming Indie artists. We’ve found our hearts soaring with Golden Coast, FRANKIE, Monarch, and now Max and the Moon and their upbeat, fun new track “Modern Love”. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of you might be searching for some tunes to swoon your lovers – don’t stress because with Max and the Moon playing in the background, your boo things won’t be able to contain themselves. If you’re like me and have your cat for the 4th year in a row, then “Modern Love” will just be the background music to your Ben & Jerry’s binge session. Either way, this song is perfect.

“Modern Love is a song we wrote to explain how we’ve seen intimacy between people change over time. We didn’t necessarily want to say we think love in today’s culture is any worse or better than how it has existed throughout history, but we wanted to write about a love story that was more timeless…without placing judgement on our society, we wanted to sing about two people that have found a way to make love and this modern reality coexist.” – Max and the Moon

Max and the Moon say it all in their little blurb to their fans. As technology continues to advance and society continues to stray further and further away from direct contact with people, we can’t help but assume that today’s world is heavily influenced by social media. “Modern Love” is simple in that it genuinely portrays a love that is incredibly hard to find in today’s day in age. So take your lovers back in time and show them that they’re worth much more than a Woman Crush Wednesday or Man Crush Monday mention on Instagram.

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