Max Pope
All That I Need

To be perfectly honest, it’s been quite some time since we’ve come across something like this. A few years back, we were completely inundated with talented artists who were flawlessly drawing on musical styles from decades past, endlessly listening to folks like Mayer Hawthorne, Michael Kiwanuka, and Nick Waterhouse. Today, we’re reminded of the enamouring charm an artist can have by harnessing recording techniques, song structure, and lyrical style from music well before our time.

Brighton/London-based Max Pope has been rather silent since we premiered his video over a year ago, and now we know why. “All That I Need” is the first song off his debut EP, and it showcases a delightful dexterity in songwriting and vocal finesse. It casually transcends generations, putting itself on a pedestal for both the blogosphere, and their parents, and even grandparents, alike.

Listening through the dreamy guitar work, lovey-dovey lyrics, near-doo wop backing harmonies, and, of course, Pope’s crooning style has us in a completely different time and place, and we couldn’t be happier for it. We’re sure you’ll feel the same.

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