MEW Official
Satellites (Acoustic)

There is a group of people in the world who have been continually listening to the same songs over and over again. This pattern has continued for the past five years, and while most won’t complain, we’re all extremely pleased that pattern has come to an end.

While we’ll never stop playing favorites like “Am I Wry? No,” and “Special,” Mew fans from across the globe are celebrating with jovial glee with the release of new music. This fan in particular got to partake in its American debut at SXSW, and can personally assure you that it’s worth the painfully long wait.

“Satellites” glows with calculated beauty, the kind that makes us think back to the first time we truly fell in love with a band’s sound. Jonas’ vocals boast the same haunting heft, soaring along the backbone of a subdued percussion, accentuating synths, and a rolling piano melody. It’s everything that we’ve come to love from this band and more.

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