Last year we did something we’ve never done, nor had we ever seen it done on any other music blog. It was daunting at times, but ultimately became one of the most rewarding experiences we had ever had.

Wonderland, Noosa’s debut LP, was exclusively premiered here on The Music Ninja, song by song. Each day, we would highlight a song from the album, slowly releasing them to the public. Having that direct of a connection to a body of work was spectacular, especially given our long-term infatuation with this LA-based indie vocalist.

With Wonderland long gone in the rearview mirror, we’re now fixated on her most recent release, “Halo.” Coming out last week on the newly-launched Cadence & Cause, Noosa returns in a fashion true to herself, charming anyone who listens. Producer Mickey Valen and co-writer Lyon Hart effortlessly showcase her powerful vocals, leaving us grinning ear-to-ear at the luscious soundscape.

“Halo” also has another story accompanying it, as it’s been donated to help benefit childhood education. Sales from this song will go to create schools, pay teachers and build a global community around one common goal: education for all. Along with the song, there’s also a sweepstake to win a vinyl + handwritten lyrics package. And, if you’re really feeling generous, you can spend $500 to have Noosa cover your favorite song for your personal collection.

Below you’ll find the impact timeline from their charitable campaign. This will update in real time, so make sure to check back and see it progress. If you’d like to purchase or donate to this cause, please click here.

Cover art: Alan Chin

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