Patrick Watson
Places You Will Go

As winter’s icy fingers slowly release their deathly grasp on the world, mother earth is gladly opening her eyes from the long winter’s rest to awaken the flora and fauna for yet another spring. As if pre-destined for that very happening, “Places You’ll Go,” is an articulately crafted ballad created for the engendering of the warmer months.

With slow, rolling guitars, fluttering synths, and Patrick Watson’s near-unbelievable vocals, this newly released tune is a welcome breath of fresh air for his fans. Staying out of the international limelight for some time, this distinctive Canadian act is thankfully back.

We’re honestly overwhelmingly enamoured with this new take from Watson, and all we can close with is we’re once again left jaw agape and extremely satisfied, as we’ve come to expect time and time again.

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