With Summer still on the forefront of our minds, it has been increasingly difficult to come to terms with yet another season gone by. However, just because the weather is (slowly) shifting from the high 100’s to the mid 90’s, we can still embrace the rays of summery bliss until further notice. When it comes to music, sounds have a particular season and since we’re still stuck on Summer, we dug a bit deeper to help guide you into the Fall mindset in a much easier way. We came across a small artist, GGOOLLDD, during the late night tumble, and listened to their 4 track $TANDARD$ EP.

Sounding much like The Naked and Famous, GGOOLLDD has a very intriguing style of production and songwriting. Their synth-heavy productions along with their catchy hooks collectively bring a refreshing new take on the fusion of indie and pop. After listening through the $TANDARD$ EP a couple of times through, we realized that we may have just stumbled across an artist who has the potential to take over our favorite festivals around the world. Regardless, GGOOLLDD has a family of ninjas here to support them from here on out.


’GGOOLLDD – Bling Ring’
’GGOOLLDD – Younger Days’
’GGOOLLDD – Killing Times’
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