Switch On

If there was ever a time where it would be nice to be asked to prom, it would be today because our new TMN favorite, PROM, just flipped our switch to ON with their latest release. After falling in love with their debut track, “Flickers”. one can say that we jumped on the PROM bandwagon faster than the time it takes to let our false eyelashes set in place. “Switch On” enchants us with Gabe and Ella’s synchronized harmonies, reverberated synths, and dream-like elements that shoot you straight to the moon and back. These two possess something truly special and captivating; sometimes all we need is a little refreshing break from mainstream to dive deep the artists that give us a reason to be excited for the future of music. PROM is definitely a band we can stand by from here on out and we look forward to hearing what Gabe and Ella have up their sleeves in the near future…maybe a new EP out next week? We think yes. Pre-order yours today.

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