The Watermelons
Best Of You

It’s warm outside. The sun is shining. Flowers are blooming. The beer in our fridge is ice cold and beckoning our immediate attention. All we need is a soundtrack to this bright, sunny day, and coincidentally, The Watermelons came tumbling into our inbox.

Any time a band lists Paul Simon as one of their influences, there’s a 99% chance we’re going to enjoy it. To this day, we still listen to Graceland from start to finish here at TMN HQ, giving it a thoughtful nod as one of the best albums of all time. Though this band infuses some of those mid-eighties sounds into their persona, they also harness more modern acts like Phoenix, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Little Comet. Yet, as much as we like to pick out who sounds like who, they have a well-defined sound that stands firmly on its own.

Their debut EP comes out on July 20th, but for right now, you’ll have to enjoy just their debut single, “Best of You,” which is an undeniably upbeat, summer anthem. The combination of catchy-as-hell lyrics, danceable 80’s-style guitar work, and glowing synths come together perfectly, leaving even the stingiest of warm weather disapprovers stopped in their tracks, helplessly singing along.

“To Be In Love” follows suit, providing listeners with a rock-centric, head-nodding ride, complete with another uplifting, all-to-catchy chorus. On the other hand, “This Time” showcases the band’s ability to deviate from those upbeat poppy anthems, reducing the tempo and highlighting some beautifully sung harmonies. Rounding out the four-track EP is “If You Want To Love Me,” which is an endearing song, complete with yet another memorable chorus, fused into a ballad-style structure.

All in all, this is an overwhelmingly impressive collection of four songs, especially given they’re all on a debut EP. These Chichester/Brighton-based boys have quite the career ahead of them, which should definitely include, but not be limited to the following: iTunes commercials, car commercials, indie movies, blockbuster movies, sold out rooms, and festival appearances. And, speaking of shows, we highly recommend heading out and witnessing them in person. While we haven’t had the pleasure, we’re pretty damn sure it’ll be worth the small price of admission.

Upcoming Shows:
4th July @ AlleyCat
17th July @ Smiths of Spitafields
24th July @ Amersham Arms

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