Without You

Near the tail end of last year, Orange County, CA-based indie-pop trio RÓSA took our ears hostage with their debut 2016 EP Gypsy Queen. RÓSA’s developed songwriting and crystalline, synthetic sonority once again hit this writer like a ton of bricks when the triumvirate unveiled the first single from sophomore EP, Wasteful, due out on June 30th,  “Without You”. “Without You” leans on a vocal-centric aesthetic from lead singer Will Winters, propped up on a bed of subtle yet sophisticated arpeggiated synths, snares that snap like a twig under combat boots, and modal harmonies that flit all over their instrumental landscape. We’ve been drawing comparisons to acts as big as TMN darlings The 1975 to Aaron Maine’s lush Porches project, which for this writer is the biggest stamp of approval we’ve thrown out in some time. We’ll be waiting patiently for the rest of Wasteful, but until then, stream “Without You” above.

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