Day Wave
Nothing At All

L.A. synth-poppers Carousel have long been a darling of more than a few writers here at TMN. So when one-half of that project, lead vocalist and melody mutator Jackson Philips, came forth with his newest solo project Day Wave, we approached it with fairly high expectations. Fortunately, Day Wave’s debut single “Nothing At All” comes armed with as much polish and enlightened instrumentation as anything he’s done with Carousel. Gone however, is the gadgetry structured pop-wave sounds in favor of a much more lo-fi indie approach; relying mostly on a more live sounding recording technique. A lightly picked lead guitar, live drums, a more deliberate, masculine approach to his vocal track and a slightly more introspective, pensive weight applied to his lyrics shape Day Wave’s backbone, at least from this first single. Philips has certainly set the bar high with Day Wave’s first release, and we’re pretty damn eager to hear what else is brought out under his companionless handle.

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