This past March Andrew Bird released his sixth studio album, Break It Yourself. Remarkably, he is set to release his seventh, Hands of Glory, just seven months later. According to his website, the new album will contain three brand new songs and five cover songs, and is the “companion piece to Break It Yourself.” The latest single, “Three White Horses,” is a beautiful, yet mournful song, that begins with Bird’s vocals over a strong bass line speckled with echoing guitar notes. But, the song builds to a crescendo when the electric guitar and drums come in. While the song is relatively short, it will have you stomping your feet along by the end. Andrew Bird is an expert at creating beautiful and spellbinding songs, and he does just that with “Three White Horses”.

Expect to see Hands Of Glory released on October 30th through Mom + Pop Records.

’Three White Horses’
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