Misty Miller

We’ve been a little heavy on EDM today, but fortunately for all of you indie rock lovers out there, we have a delightfully dreary song coming your way from UK based singer-songwriter Misty Miller. While this may not be the tune you’ll throw on to rev you up for a wild night out, it’s certainly worth throwing on for a night at the house.

At just the young age of 19, this newcomer only has two demos out and has already been picked up by a label (Relentless Records). Sporting a fusion of blues, surf rock, shoegaze and Americana, she encompasses a beautiful blend of artistry. “Rabbits” just came out nine hours ago, and we’ve found ourselves enamored with the wavering, wearisome guitar chords that perfectly counter-balance Misty’s vocals. Her voice is quite unique, fluctuating between brittle moments and some that are rather penetrating, keeping you fully engaged through the entire experience.

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