Shady Elders

There’s a lot of talent coming out of Hot Congress Records in Denver. The most recent of which is a dream pop indie rock band by the name of Shady Elders. Their track “Schoolmates” off of their upcoming album is conveniently titled. We say that because we can’t help but think of dancing to this song at a high school prom sometime in the 50’s. The guitar chords, the dreamy doo-wop feel, and the sultry vocals of lead singer Britt Rodemich had us feeling like grabbing our sweethearts and awkwardly dancing in circles through our high school gyms.

However, while the sound does have that classic vibe that’s getting increasingly popular these days (alla Lana Del Rey, Michael Kiwanuka, Bahamas, etc) this band is very much on their way to great things in the present. They’ve opened for a few large acts that are well revered in the blogosphere, and we expect to see more of the same to come.

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