As Long As You're With Me

On one rainy day in Vancouver, “As Long As You’re With Me” was born. The musical combination of STINT and DiRTY RADiO are what created this substantial song. It has hints of indie, R&B, and electronic, making it widely accessible to listeners of all sorts. Usually when pinning down a tune that has a lot of emotion, there’s nothing really that can be latched onto as evidence as to why one particular song is more impactful than another, and the same goes for this song. Rather, the culmination of parts leads us to feel the vibes, which can even be said for STINT, who states he doesn’t like to listen to his own tracks. There’s an exception to every rule, and for his, “As Long As You’re With Me” is it. It’s one of those records that you just have to hear to enjoy, and enjoy you will. As of now, there is a limited free download, so get to it!

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