The Griswolds
Down and Out

If you’re not turned onto The Griswolds yet, this song will surely make you scramble to like them on Facebook, follow them on soundcloud, track them on Spotify, and search Google Images for The Griswold’s wallpaper. Ok, that last one might have gone too far, but the trajectory of this young Aussie band is nothing short of spectacular. Since their release of “Beware the Dog,” it seems like the world is twitterpated with their sound, and honestly – we can’t blame them.

This Sydney-based five piece has taken a slight departure from their folksy, raw, and somewhat humorous ways to lay down this monster indie-pop, synth-driven tune. “Down and Out,” boasts a massively dancy appeal, carrying the need to boogie through an engaging synth melody and some rippin’ guitar chords. Coupled with some lyrics that we could easily see a festival crowd belting out at the top of their lungs, this song carries supercharged feelings we’ve felt from other former-indie-now-gigantic acts like The Naked and Famous, The 1975, and Foster the People.

This song can be found on their debut album B E I M P R E S S I V E available August 26th via Wind Up Records.

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