The Score Official
Oh My Love

I’ve never lived anywhere else, personally. I’ve always found everything that I need in life to be right here in the Mile High City. However, for some, a change of pace can bring new vibes, new possibilities, and in this case, new sounds.

Having built their lives in the Big Apple, Eddie and Edan (The Score) then set their sites on the best coast, and haven’t looked back since. Their sunny disposition rings through their sound sharply, providing a feel-good listening experience that makes listeners want to smile, sing, and dance along.

“Oh My Love” is a pure embodiment of sheer glee, harnessing elements of country rock, gospel, and good ol’ fashioned Americana. It’s the type of tune you’d throw on at a BBQ, expertly balancing a full beer and a plate of grilled goodness. Something about the combination of twinkling ivories, booming basslines and kick drums, and percussive vocal harmonies all add up to something that’s patriotic, infectious, and grin-inducing.

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