Lose My Mind

We always love when we come across artists who are making their debut in to the music world. What better way to start off your career than with a song that comes from the bottom of your heart? New York composer/writer/producer, Samuel Aaron Bennett, otherwise known as Wales, makes his way on to our music feed with his debut track, ‘Lose My Mind’. This mid-tempo, emotional Indie esque record highlights Bennett’s musical background as a composer in which the young artist adds glorifying orchestral elements that exude a peaceful ambience and tranquil vibe. ‘Lose My Mind’ will undeniably make you want to grab your keys, roll down your car windows, and drive off toward a destination-less place of pure euphoria. Let your skin feel the breeze while you open up your senses to the wonders of Wales and his emotive resonance. Make sure to grab a sweater because it might get a little chilly deep inside your mind.

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