Lupa Music
Eyes Unclouded

She goes by Lupa, her real name being Imogen Jones, and she is only 15 years old.

The classically trained violinist from Sydney started using her violin skills and mixing them with drum beats creating her new love, songwriting. This might be the most wonderful thing about her, Lupa writes, records, and produces all of her music in her bedroom at home. Her beautifully stunning indie/electronic sound has a laidback approach with a twist of eeriness. Her song “Eyes Unclouded” has lyrics of someone way beyond Lupa’s years. The story is simple and sweet, believing someone is perfect until you see who they really are when you look closely. The mix of violins, Lupa’s synthetic voice, and the electronic melodies make this song intoxicating to the ears. Cannot wait to see where this young artist goes.

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