Tell Me

R.LUM.R has long been supported by the ninjas, so when we saw that he put out a new single, we were all excited. “Tell Me” is the Tennessee artist’s newest musical creation that was produced by Super Duper, a fellow Nashville musician.

“Tell Me” has R.LUM.R going with a bit more alternative meets indie vibe. He keeps his R&B influences but they don’t act as the sonic centerpiece for this single. By bringing something a little different he keeps fans on their toes with some variety, but he always satisfies. Some fans are hailing this as his best work yet, and we’re not going to argue against that. He’s had a ton of great records, but he continues to get better and better as he creates. It’s only a matter of time before everyone hops aboard the R.LUM.R rollercoaster of feels. We would say bandwagon, but he’s just too fresh for that cliche.

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