No Parachute

Get ready for your Friday to rock. Thank Aly Ryan for that, whose new single “No Parachute” just came out this week. It’s a hit, no doubt about it. Mark our words, at the end of the year, it’s still going to be a song we come back to and play as one of our favorite indie songs of 2017. It’s just that good.

“No Parachute” is all fun, no filler. Aly’s voice is angelical, while the catchy, yet raw instrumental pounds away underneath. Things start quickly, taking almost no time to get the excitement going. From there Aly doesn’t let up a bit, satisfying your ears until the end of the song. From there, you just want more and more. A warning should be issued with “No Parachute” as you may just turn this on and have it repeating all day long like we’ve done.

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