Tom Misch & Carmody
Paper Planes

Do you remember when you were in grade school, listening to your teacher gab on and on about some subject, and all you could do was start folding a paper airplane? There is something magical about a paper airplane, watching it in flight, seeing the smile it brings to many faces. Tom Misch and Carmody have captured that magic and then some in their recent release ‘Paper Planes’. This is the second song off their upcoming collab EP. These two have made quite a name for themselves for their collaborations, with Misch’s extensive jazz background melodies and Carmody’s light, airy vocals, they make some music magic. This song may be the best love note I have heard in a while, the simple act of making paper planes for someone you love, is there anything more sweet? As adults we can lose our childlike tendencies sometimes, but Misch and Carmody are telling us that it is sometimes these small things that make a romance blossom into something wonderful. Now you will have to excuse me, there is someone I need to make a paper plane for…

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