While roughly half of our current staff here at TMN are mostly of the college age-range persuasion, some of us older Ninja cronies cut our proverbial teeth on more classic indie fare. Bands like Pavement, MBV, Primal Scream and Creation Records, Neutral Milk Hotel & the Elephant 6 collective, Wire and an absurd number of  other groups helped shape the standard scope through which this writer’s basis of taste was built. And so (after the long winded intro), needles to say, whenever an artist or band can conjure up those lofty comparisons to that aforementioned sound, well… we get a little excited. New York City four-piece ohnomoon have been crafting a hazy, durable stamp on guitar-pop for over three years, but make their TMN debut with the premiere of their latest record “Low”. “Low” is the lead single emanating from ohnomoon’s latest extended play –VVV- (which itself was backed by a successful indiegogo campaign), and serves as a welcome segue into their latest body of work.

While lead vocalist Kat Lee admittedly stated, “When Corey (ohnomoon’s lead guitarist)  gave me the demo, I immediately felt the guitar interplay was the backbone of the song. I did a take of one of the main guitar lines from the demo and made it my own, but the weaving relationship was there from the beginning.”; we can’t help but be wrapped up in the tune’s murky, sonic minutiae. From Lee’s reverb-treated, airy vocal track to every underlying kick and those untethered moments of atmospheric ambiance; there is a distinct weight to ohnomoon’s latest single. Corey Oliver elaborates: “‘Low’ was birthed out of an old Garageband demo that existed under the name ‘mbv’ for the longest time (about 5 years before My Bloody Valentine’s blissful follow up to Loveless). I sat down one Saturday morning intent on writing something My Bloody Valentine-esque, but gave up after it proved too difficult. I started playing the opening riff to ‘Low’ out of sheer frustration. The accompanying guitar line came later that afternoon. I couldn’t decide between two instrumental bridges so the song sat unfinished for about 6 years.” It seems as if those 6 years provided the necessary breathing room for one of our favorite songs to lurk out of ohnomoon’s camp since their inception, and one we think will strike a chord with our most intuitive of readers. ohnomoon is set to headline the Mercury Lounge in NYC on March 16 for a special EP release show (with tickets going on sale here this Friday), so we’ll be keeping an eye out for -VVV- as soon as it hits. Stream “Low” above.
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