Favored Nations
I Can See You

Despite their brief catalog, electronic supergroup Favored Nations -whom consists of the collective talents of singer Morgan Phalen (former frontman of Diamond Nights and featured vocalist on Justice’s last LP Audio, Video Disco), DJ/Producer James Curd (DFA, Exploited), and Surahn “Sid” Sidhu (touring guitarist for Empire of the Sun with writing credits for the likes of Usher and Kimbra)- has already carved out quite the eclectic and faithful following. Whether you came into contact with them on hyper-addictive single “The Setup” (which served as the best closing tune any video game has ever seen on GTA V), their most recent single “Always”, which we absolutely loved, or are just hearing them for the first time; Favored Nations’ sonic appeal enlightens pretty much every level of listener.

The latest single to be released in anticipation of their debut LP, The Great Unknown, which itself will see release worldwide on October 2nd via Antler Records and the etcetc Music collective, “I Can See You”, begins simply enough with a four-note synth backdrop giving way to one of Morgan Phalen’s most purposeful and directed refrains we’ve heard yet. But, “I Can See You” follows a steady aural progression, carefully layering bits of hollow kick-drum, plucky guitar and a heaping dose of pop-soul. Favored Nations does an excellent job of transfixing its listener, when perfectly, in the middle of Curd’s lushly layered synth-pop structuring lies a compressed yet stylistically emotive electric guitar respite from Sidhu which brilliantly wraps up Favored Nations buoyant tune.

We could keep gushing for at least another 200 words, however, its time to sit back and let “I Can See You” do the rest of our talking.

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