If you’ve spent any time in the Denver dance scene, you’ve probably crossed paths with Brennen Bryarly, aka option4, on more than one occasion. This multi-talented, multi-ventured nightlife journeyman has an intense love for his city and his scene, bringing his talents to multiple avenues within the industry.

This month, we’re focusing solely on his work as a DJ and Producer, hoping to shine the spotlight on this quickly rising talent. If you’re not familiar with his work, now is a good time to start paying attention. This past year has been a wild ride for him, taking him to the Midwest, Canada, and Los Angeles on headline bills and support for monstrous acts like STS9, Moon Boots, Mighty Mouse, and Lane 8. Musically, he’s garnered an intense adoration from the blogosphere, winning hearts of deep and tech house enthusiasts with remixes for Elizabeth Rose, Great Good Fine Ok, and Indian Summer.

We would be remiss not to mention this year’s original works as well, as “Love Like No Other” on historic house label Nervous Records and “Deep Diamonds” on his own Night Supply Records imprint, have added to the collective 1.1 million streams on Soundcloud. As 2015 charges ahead, we’re eagerly awaiting more original material to populate his soundcloud page. Until then, we’ll help satiate your option4 cravings with an exclusive interview, his five favorite songs, and a chance to make a song with this iconic Denver musician. Wait, what was that last part?

You read it right. We’re offering up a chance to make a song with option4. Check out the details below. If you end up being selected, you two will head into the studio together and spend the day making a brand new track. Entering is beyond easy. Just follow these steps:

– Enter a Soundcloud link to your best track in the comments section below.
– Live in the Denver area (or be willing to travel to Denver)
– Winner will be selected by option4
– Winner will be announced on April 13 at 5:00PM Mountain Time
– Studio day will be sometime between April 15-18 (to be coordinated between winner and option4)
– Winner must pay for his/her own travel

That’s it! Best of luck to all you producers out there.

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