All the way down in Florence, Colorado lies a little indie band that almost nobody has heard about. The Flumps, who are definitely not from outerspace (as the image above jokingly suggests), started off as a spur of the moment thing. They began by playing in a coffee shop in Florence, and doing mostly Elliot Smith covers. As the band progressed they started writing and performing their own music.

Their well-crafted and emotional folk sound is truly addicting. Dino Belli, the lead singer, has a unique blend of thoughtful lyrics, and a haunting voice. The band is comprised of three other members, Alex Koshak, Hat Hatfield, and Mitch Macura, who cover a broad range of instruments, including: guitar, bass, drums, cello, piano, keyboard, glockenspiel, trumpet, trombone and accordion. They also mix and master all of their own music which gives the songs a gritty, lo-fi feel that really works for them.

These songs encompass the band well. One listen through, and you’ll see what a truly impressive group this is. If you dig their sound, make sure to head over to iTunes and check out their self-produced album, Scattered Light.

The Flumps – Projections

’Projections 3.mp3′

The Flumps – Severance

’Severance 6.mp3′

The Flumps – White noise

’White noise 5.mp3′
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