Jackson Breit
Wouldn't Change A Thing

Having a rough week? Are the odds seemingly stacking up against you? Do you just want to stay in bed and avoid any other potential downfalls? Do us a favor. Before you let any more negativity enter your mind, press play on this new Jackson Breit tune, put a smile on your face, and go enjoy your day.

The latest release from this Los Angeles based singer/songwriter is exactly what everyone needs when they’re having one of those days. Cheery, bright, and uplifting, it’s a perfect culmination of encouraging instrumentals and restorative lyrics. Speaking of those lyrics, they’re once again brought to you through the inventive and playful vocal range, and memorable tone that we’ve come to know and love from Mr. Breit.

Aside from being a beacon of positivity to those who listen, it’s also going to lend a helping hand to families who have autistic children. Through our friends over at Cadence & Cause, Jackson is donating the majority of the proceeds from this tune to provide educational materials to families affected by this disease to hopefully make life a little easier, and a little more manageable.

When asked why he chose to support this cause, Jackson had this to say:

Growing up, I worked as a counselor for Camp Gonnawannagoagain, a summer camp for autistic children. Working at the camp helped me appreciate the struggles of families raising autistic children. I hope I can make a small impact by helping those families.

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