Who just turned off the lights? Who lit these candles? Why is there this massage oil sitting on the nightstand? Oh wait. I know why. JMR is about to release a new song.

Coming out of central Florida, this young artist has grabbed the blogosphere by the horns, showing his musical prowess without the backing of a label. We know one thing: it’s only a matter of time before someone snags him up.

“Closer” is the deliciously seductive follow up to “Pioneer of Your Heart,” which has grabbed the hearts of listeners on the internet far and wide. This latest track is just as sultry as the last, boasting a booming, sexy bassline, lusty guitar riffs and of course, JMR’s delightfully maddening vocals.

It goes without saying that this will soon be on playlists across the world titled with the likes of “Bedroom Playlist,” “Closing the Deal,” “Knockin’ the Boots,” and “Awwwwwwww yeah.”

Throw it on the next time you’re with that special someone and see how it goes. We can pretty much guarantee the results will be top notch.

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