Joy Atlas

The past few weeks have provided some deep, introspective thought into the music blogging industry. One of the main currents in every stream we’ve had is how much pride and enjoyment we take in debuting an artist. We’ve done it countless times, agreeing to showcase the very first public sound from an artist, to be honest, there’s nothing quite more gratifying than doing so.

Today we have an infectious future pop tune from Newcastle-based four-piece Joy Atlas. “Dismount” radiates with casual pop influences, yet maintains a quirky, personable, and unique vibe as well. One of the more attractive qualities to this new act is the playful cadence from the lead singer, who is carving out her own style from the get go. Instrumentally, the vocals are carried through with an impressive bassline, a spattering of glowing synths, and some understated percussion.

Overall, it engages in the way that we hope all pop songs do, making us bob our head and sing along. It’s even catchy to the point that this blogger wouldn’t be embarrassed belting it out at a stoplight. And yes, this blogger is a guy.

Check this quote we pulled from the band’s facebook. You can tell they’re excited to get this out to the public, and we’re excited we were the ones to do it.

After months of furious writing (chuffing hummer, we’ve been fuming), vigorous recording (much bonding and bouncing) and many cups of rum-spiked tea (it’s medicinal), we’re finally ready to fling open our musical doors and share new music with you all; we are JOY ATLAS.
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