Kaskade & Adam K
Raining (Halogen Remix)

We’re not sure if you caught the news just yet, but Kaskade’s crowd over the past two weekends were some of the largest in Coachella’s storied history.

Kaskade, the only electronic artist tapped to play Coachella’s main stage this year, attracted two of the biggest crowds ever in the music festival’s storied history during the past two weekends. – Mashable

Not that anyone needs an introduction to this legendary captain of progressive house, but his recent increasing popularity may be a sign of things to come in the music scene. The days of aggressive “bangers” and “anthems” are slowly fading, and back again are the days of melodies, gorgeous builds, and ethereal vocals.

Quickly rising ATL duo Halogen know this all too well, as they’ve seen their highly infectious house tunes rack up hundreds of thousands of plays. In fact, their last two releases have both hit a quarter million plays on Soundcloud, garnering them a rapidly growing adoration across the blogosphere.

Today, we hear a gorgeous interpretation of Kaskade and Adam K’s smash hit “Raining,” which soars with unparalleled progressive beauty. It features a longing, anticipatory build, which pays a grateful homage to the original style of the tune. However, things pick up quickly, and we’re welcomed into a culmination of charging piano melodies, synth arrangements, and a whirlwind of percussion.

Pick this tune up today for free on Halogen’s Soundcloud. And, when you do, make sure to give them a follow. You know, because you’re getting a bad ass song for free from them.

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