Kicks n Licks
Morning Light (Instrumental Version)

Andy Joplin & Jerrod Jordan have come to make a lasting impression on their fans, the blogosphere, and the world. Coming from San Diego, this devilish DJ/Producer have always had a knack for the melodic, seamlessly blending rolling basslines with breathtaking melodies. Since their inception some two years ago, these two have provided laid-back vibes ranging from dubstep to glitch hop, to trap and future bass. Regardless of the genre, there were always a few guarantees – bass would be present and melodies would be defined.

Their latest release, which comes off their Momentum EPM embodies that mindset more than ever, providing an achingly beautiful soundscape worthy of cinematic greatness. Featuring singer K. Emaline, “Morning Light,” was a song that delved deep into PLUR culture, asking the listener to carelessly escape their day-to-day lives. Getting lost in an encompassing rhythmic percussion section, this song easily paved the way for the hopeless dreamers to wander along a story rife with self-discovery, passion and love.

After some requests from their loyal fans, Kicks n Licks have decided to provide the instrumental version to this song. While we certainly enjoyed the more than lovely vocals from Ms. Emaline, we were admittedly excited to succomb to the rich, atmospheric soundscape comprised of light, chimes, chirping birds, and expertley crafted percussion.

We all need an escape in our day to day lives. Whether it’s stepping outside for a quick smoke, or just closing your eyes for a few brief seconds, it’s a necessary accompaniment to our day. Our suggestion? Put this on during that break from reality. It’s only going to amplify the effects of those crucial endorphins.

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