kid froopy

There’s something special about Kid Froopy. The music is touching, down-to-Earth and full of emotion. Kid Froopy’s expressions are extremely easy to connect to. Take for instance the newest track, “FADED,” a straightforward indie dance record that will pull on your feels and have you thinking back with a great sense of nostalgia. “FADED” is one of those slow grooving records that you take with you when you just need to get away, whether it’s popping it in your ear buds, taking a walk or taking a drive somewhere. Kid Froopy captured so much in this minimalist masterpiece, that we had no choice but to premiere it to our readers. With the weather keeping people inside, this is the perfect song to get you through the day. You’ll be happy to know that this was released as a free download, without a gate, so you can directly get it without any extra clicks. Do so through our media player!

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