Today, the ninjas have something special for you. The Los Angeles duo LACEI will be releasing their debut EP this Friday, but today we share it with you in full through our exclusive premiere! 11:11 is the project, packed with four singles, including their already released song “Cold Moon.”

LACEI’s project is a cool mixture of indie, pop and electronic music. “Right Here” introduces us to the EP with some drum & bass vibes that really get the energy tone set. Next we have “Sufferer,” which will be the next song to drop on the EP. It tones down the pace a bit, bringing in more of an emotional appeal. Then “Cold Moon” brings the energy back up, and part one of “Somewhere Beyond The Stars” comes in with its completely different sound. Airy, ethereal; this one is a special tune, and we can’t wait to hear part two! For now, enjoy the exclusive stream of 11:11.

PS, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, catch LACEI at The Study on Friday night! Tickets and show information can be found at the event’s web page.

’Right Here’
’Cold Moon’
’Somewhere Beyond The Stars Pt.1’
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