Unfortunately, the weekend is over. Those glorious two days of freedom have come to a screetching halt, leaving us bewildered, exhausted, and less-than-enthused to stare Monday in the face again. Copious amounts of coffee and a sugary breakfast snack might be your usual go-to at times like these, but today, we have something much more effective for assuaging your Monday blues.

Coming off of the upcoming album (3/31), “TASTEY” showcases the high octane, infectious, and grin-inducing nature of producer/multi-instrumentalist LA+CH. This tune in particular boasts a spectacular culmination of club pleasing beats, pop-infused vocals, and live instrumentation. Most notably, the percussion perfectly accentuates the heavily treated, repeating guitar riff, creating something that brings back fond memories of jamming out to Justice back in the day.

Make sure you keep tabs on this up-and-coming talent by following him on Soundcloud, facebook, and twitter. This album is one you won’t want to miss.

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