Le Noire

When an artist completely and unconditionally commits themselves to their craft, truly spectacular things are bound to come.

Hailing from Echo Park, California, Le Noire has already made a splash in the industry, and they’ve done so before even releasing their first song. Having just played in front of a sold out show at the Troubador in support of The Eeries and two sold out shows at the Bootleg in support for Mick Jagger’s son’s band, Turbogeist and Baby in Vein, it feels like the perfect time to introduce them to the blogosphere.

The word “Alternative” has been bastardized since its inception, being slapped onto numerous artists due to lack of a better term. However, this three-piece truly embody the origins of the term, which is evident in how they approach recording their music. Doing something that is relatively unheard of these days, Le Noire do all of their recordings live, using vintage equipment and instruments, even recording on tape. The entire upcoming EP was recorded with and produced by Eli Thomson (renowned bass player and member of Father John Misty) using a Trident A-Range console which was used to record music from giants like David Bowie, The Police, and Rush. The end result is a truly nostalgic sound, one that pays a tremendous homage to bands from the 90’s.

We’ve seen a trend moving towards grungy, power-chord heavy tunes from our childhood as of late, and we honestly couldn’t be more pleased. The return of rock music, as most of us knew it, is in full swing. “FIRE” embodies that true rock prowess, reminding us of something we’d catch on MTV, staring googly-eyed at the TV after school with a plate of Bagel Bites. The vocals glide perfectly along the crunchy guitar chords and well defined lead riff, ultimately culminating in a crescendo of splashing cymbols and an increasingly intensified chorus. Simply put – it’s left us grinning ear to ear, nodding our head in angsty teenage approval.

Speaking of MTV, a truly spectacular music video accompanies today’s premiere. A directorial debut from Brian Harrison of Crysopia Pictures, the video below has been accepted as an official selection in three upcoming film festivals in the US.

The human eye and the human mind are not always in synchronization, so, what you think, what you see, and what you think you see are not always what is found to be true. But then again, isn’t the truth through my eyes sometimes a lie through yours?

While this may stray from the typical indie rock, folk, electronica, and hip hop that we usually post, we’re admittedly damn excited to premiere this debut track from such a craft-conscientious act. We’re confident that you’ll feel the same way after one listen through.

LE NOIRE // FIRE from Brian Harrison on Vimeo.

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