Life Leone
I Can't Say No

It’s been a little while since we last wrote up LA-based Desert rock outfit, Life Leone. Back in August, we gladly accepted the opportunity to showcase their crazy timelapse tour video, and today we’re back at it with another video premiere.

This time around, we’re bringing you a glimpse of their tune “I Can’t Say No,” which crackles with pure American rock authenticity. Brought to life with buzzing, distorted guitar chords and upbeat drumming, this infectious tune has us helpless, tapping our foot and nodding our head in utterly gleeful indulgence. Impressively enough, this is another song from just their debut EP, Comes Crashing In (via Wild Farm Records), which provides a strong indication that these cats are onto bigger things.

The video that accompanies it below boasts an interpretation on a classic music video approach, simply displaying the band playing together. Artfully crafted, we’re invited to layered approach, each member seemingly blending into one another utilizing forced perspective.

If you happen to be in SoCal, make sure to catch this stellar slice of Americana at Soda Bar in San Diego tonight.

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