little xs for eyes
Love Gets Lost

There’s two different ways to look at Monday morning. You could see it as an absolutely dreadful start to a work week, taking everything you have to drag your ass out of bed. Or, you could see it as a new beginning, providing a clean slate for you to work with. While it’s hard to stray away from the former, we always try to see it as the latter. Considering that our lives are a constant state of music coming in and out, Mondays really are a clean slate for us.

Starting things off with a fresh, infectious take, Little xs for Eyes have graciously requested a premiere for their new tune, “Love Gets Lost.” We’re constantly bombarded with hundreds of new songs each and every day, a lot of which have very similar qualities. As far as this tune goes, it’s one that definitely stood out above the rest.

It’s difficult to nail true whimsy when it comes to pop. It often comes off as cheesy, or contrived, blending in with the rest of the Top 40 that you hear while walking around town. However, LXFE (as we just dubbed them for convenience) have captured a playfully engaging progression that has all the catchiness of well-refined pop, yet brims with enthusiastic originality.

Made up of six members, diversity in genre and instrumentation is one of the most notable things about this Ireland-based sextuplet. In “Love Gets Lost,” we’re offered up a playful banter, hearing alternating lyrical exchanges from Michelle Considine and Lucy Jackson. The instrumentation boasts a multitude of instruments, all of which comprise a lively and mischevious soundscape.

Look for this tune to come out on their upcoming album. Track Little xs for Eyes on their facebook for more information.

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