This song is a bit of a throwback released in 2002-03 by Irish singer-songwriter and musician Damien Rice. I was first introduced to it when I heard it on the episode “In Traslation” from the first season of tv show Lost and its been on my ipod’s folk list ever sense. Hes not so much known for creating happy, upbeat songs but rather mellow, borderline depressing melodies paired with his clam and slow vocals. This is actually one of his more cheerful song, which at the end of the day it is still not saying much. However, his genuine lyrics, steady pace and warm vocals create a soothing experience for the worst of all rainy days. ‘Delicate’ is off his album ‘O‘ who topped the US Billboard Heatseekers chart and has sold over 650,000 copies in the US.

Damien Rice – Delicate

’Damien Rice – Delicate.mp3′

Lisa Hannigan is best known for having accompanied the successful singer-songwriter Damien Rice (described above). On Fuel Friends Blog‘s 2009 recap, they describe Hannigan as being able to blend whimsy and beauty without being silly, which is very difficult to do. There’s a charming imagination in her songs, a pristine and heartbreaking depth to her voice, and an incisive emotional honesty that has made her one of the favorites in the folk genre.

Lisa Hannigan – I dont know

’Lisa Hannigan – Sea Sew – 05 – I dont know.mp3′


The Felice Brothers are a folk rock/country rock band from Upstate New York founded in 2006. As suite101.com notes, like other famously frogged voices (see Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen) lead singer Ian Felice’s tones will be loved by some and positively hated by others. (those “others” should go back to listening to their Auto-Tuned artists and stay away from anything with soul). The Felice Brothers will be opening for The Dave Matthews Band at four concerts in Canada and the US, starting at The Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto on June 1, 2010. The relaxing and hopeful song ‘The Big Surprise’ comes of their latest album ‘Yonder Is the Clock’ released on April 7, 2009.

The Felice Brothers – The Big Surprise

’The Felice Brothers
The Big Surprise.mp3′

Can’t say I know much about Jordan Martin, other than the fact that he can create beautiful songs filled with simple melodies and instruments. The slow banjo strums paired with extensive vocals narrating short but emotional stories of what there once was, and what there soon will be.

Jordan Martin – Faithful John


My Photos  One Hundred Dollars
Bio:Dubbed the urban denizens of Canada’s country music scene, One Hundred Dollars lends a window into what country music might have become had the industry not been overtaken by popular music production and trite subject matter

One Hundred Dollars – No Great Leap

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