Lotus is once again adorning legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater with their unparalleled sonic and visual experience, showcasing their brand new album, Eat The Light. If you’re not up to speed on their latest offering, it brings a fresh perspective that hasn’t been seen by fans yet. The entire album, all 10 tracks, feature vocals, something that this storied fivesome has never done before.

Some of those vocalists will even make an appearance this weekend at Red Rocks, including Denver’s Gabe Otto of Pan Astral (“Eats the Light”) and Rachel Eisenstat of Raven Jane (“Suntan”) as well as LA’s Oriel Poole (“Anti-Gravity”). Additionally, fans will get treated to two knockout openers with El Ten Eleven and Tycho, both of which are favorites around TMN HQ.

Before you head out to buy tickets, take a moment to check out our conversation with Luke Miller, the man behind the guitars and keys for Lotus.

TMN: Thanks for taking some time to sit down with us, virtually. We’re excited to see your upcoming show at Red Rocks. Speaking of that show–you guys are no stranger to that venue. Does it lose it’s luster after having played there already? We have to imagine each time is just as incredible as the first.

Lotus: Red Rocks is always breathtaking and inspiring no matter how many times you go there. I think each time we play Red Rocks we get more comfortable with it. The first time is kind of intimidating since it’s such a historic place. But relaxing into the venue and vibe of the crowd there usually begets a better show rather than trying to stress and over-reach.

TMN: For those who’ve been to your shows in the past, what can they expect this go around?

Lotus: Well, last time at Red Rocks we did the Talking Heads De-Constructed. This time, we’re back to a regular Lotus show. So expect the typical Lotus stew of genres and all the jams that go with it. Plus a killer light show, we are rolling out new productions. And we’ve got a few other surprises in store.

TMN: For those who’ve never been, maybe those who are coming to see either Tycho or El Ten Eleven, give us a three word description of what they’re about to witness.

Lotus: Tycho is Serene Intricate Beauty. El Ten Eleven is Bass and Drums Post-Rock Bliss.

TMN: Speaking of the two openers, we couldn’t be any happier about it. The bill is top notch, through and through. How’d you end up choosing them?

Lotus: El Ten Eleven did a portion of our winter tour with us. Being instrumental, but more connected with the indie scene than the jam scene, we thought they were a good balance to Lotus. And Tycho, we are fans of his music. We covered Awake on our tour last year. So when the opportunity to do 2 consecutive weekends (Red Rocks and The Mann in Philadelphia) arose, we jumped at the chance.

TMN: The show will have a heavy sampling of the new album, we have to imagine. Something that stands out to us is the fact that this is the first album with vocals on every track. What brought you guys to that decision? Did it happen organically, or was it something you decided on from the get-go?

’Eats The Light’

Lotus: Doing an all-vocal album was something we decided to do from the get-go. I felt like it was a thing we should go all-in on if we were going to do it. Part of the impetus came when we did the two Talking Heads De-Constructed shows in 2014. We had Gabe Otto doing the David Byrne vocals. And feeling the energy of the crowd singing along with the lyrics was very powerful. We wanted to bring more of that energy to the Lotus experience.

TMN: As expected, there are all kinds of influences across the entire listening experience that is Eat the Light. What’s your creative process like? Do the lyrics dictate instrumentals, or if you craft a jam and then look to write the lyrics after?

Lotus: I write the instrumental parts first and then write the lyrics. Some of the songs went through several complete changes of lyrics and even vocalists. With this album, it was definitely a learning process of leaving breathing room in the instrumentals so the vocals could ride on top. Simplifying things and taking out stuff was a big part of the process. Trimming the fat as much as possible.

’Move Too Fast’

TMN: This adds another layer onto an impressive body of work. Is it one of your favorites? Or, can you not answer that? You know, like a Dad can’t ever admit he has a favorite child.

Lotus: This is one of my favorites. We put more time into writing, mixing, and mastering on this one. Sometimes when we finish an album, the last thing I want to do is listen to it. But with Eat the Light I find it fun to listen to even after working on it for 3 years. And, I’m looking forward to expanding the songs live.

TMN: Before we let you go, we like to ask a few non-music questions, just for fun. Since you guys are partially Denver-based, and this is previewing the Red Rocks show, we’ll go with an all Colorado edition. First up – best breakfast burrito in the Mile High City?

Lotus: I’m not much of a breakfast burrito guy, but my favorite taco is the Carnitas Taco at Pinche.

TMN: Favorite brewery?

Lotus: Crooked Stave – gotta love the sours.

TMN: One thing you wish the rest of the country knew about Colorado:

Lotus: We’ve got a budding underground house music scene.

TMN: That’s all we have! See you Saturday!

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