Lyon Hart
The Sign

Our hands our numb. Our noses are red and chapped. Our feet are immediately rejected by our significant others in bed. Our ears are surprisingly warm though, and we have indie chanteur Lyon Hart to thank for that.

Riding in on a heatwave with his debut single, “The Sign,” this newcomer has teamed up with seasoned production vet Mickey Valen (Noosa, AYER, EVVY) on today’s premiere. This 80’s inspired synth pop tune is incandescent, buzzing and popping in all the best ways. Harnessing light, tropical synths and a ear-caressing bassline, “The Sign” is truly a sign of good things to come. One listen through those glorious vocals will have you shedding layers in approval, even if it does seem like we’re in the middle of an arctic tundra at the moment.

This tune follows up an original with Elephante, “Shake the Earth,” which garnered tremendous success from the blogosphere and Spotify alike. Post-debut, you can expect to see this cat on the upcoming Noosa album, as well as on a few tracks with some of EDM’s best.

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