MANTU & Max Joni
And I (Alle Farben Remix)

Feel that groove? Yeah, you do. It’s got you strutting down the sidewalk feeling like a cool million. You’ve completed another long haul of five straight days of work, and now a few days of freedom lie directly ahead. What’s the best accompaniment to that blend of accomplishment and impending celebrations? Alle Farben’s remix of “And I.”

The original, which is crafted by Mantu with vocals from Max Joni, is a rather soulful deep house record, highlighted by a luscious bass line and lyrics that would make Chris Isaak nod in approval. Today though, it’s all about the remix at hand, which was dialed up by this impressive Berlin-based artist.

The first two minutes are pair perfectly with the groove we mentioned in our opening line, seemingly crafted just for a walk down a busy city street, your drive home from work, or that first cocktail you’ll have when getting ready for tonight. After that, we’re welcomed into some pitched-down vocal samples, which tie in the personality of the original.

This remix is officially out via Ultra Records as of today. We highly recommend you pick it up for your end of the week endeavors.

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