I Could Care Less

Dutch producer and vocalist Mar possesses a voice that recalls R&B’s greats–a talent he’s used to push genre boundaries forward into uncharted electronic territory. Whether he’s cultivating futuristic bedroom anthems or irresistible dance-floor grooves, Mar always injects a distinct amount of feeling into his tunes that’s made him a favorite on TMN. He’s got an EP due out next month and, today, we’ve got the premiere of the final single before its release.

“I Could Care Less” marks yet another sound exploration for Mar, which takes us back in time. After an airy electric guitar-powered intro, the backdrop quickly develops into a late-80s/early-90s throwback vibe with the help of a deep bass-line and atmospheric keys. Fittingly, Mar’s vocals feel like they could be straight out of R&B’s golden era making for an encompassing, retro-fitted jam.

When We Meet, his upcoming EP, will feature co-production from Sebastian Carter and Beau Damian, the latter of which pitched in on this anthemic track. Based on the singles thus far alone, the project promises to be a dynamic listening experience unlike any other. In the meantime, hit play above and take a trip back to the Michael Jackson era.

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