From writing up Marika Hackman up over the past two and a half years to hosting her as a Resident Artist of the Month last year, we’ve been along for the ride with this impressive young artist every step of the way. Some might even say The Music Ninja has a fanboy-style adoration for her. Those people would be correct in their assessment.

One of our favorite parts about this artist are the haunting folk soundscapes she’s able to craft in the studio. In her recently released debut album (out today), we’re walked through twelve songs of artfully approached, sometimes dark, yet always fully encapsulating songs. With chilling harmonies, thunderous percussion, immaculate finger picking, Marika’s vocals are allowed to shine, showcasing her ability to wrap you up in her stories.

While we’re a sucker for recorded music, there’s something to be said about a simple, live, acoustic rendition as well. As we’ve seen before with other Dirty Hit artists, a rooftop session was hosted in order to show the raw power of Marika and her guitar. Take a gander at the video below, then head over to iTunes and pick up this stunning debut album.

’Marika Hackman – Drown’
’Marika Hackman – Before I Sleep’
’Marika Hackman – Ophelia’
’Marika Hackman – Open Wide’
’Marika Hackman – Skin’
’Marika Hackman – Claude’s Girl’
’Marika Hackman – Animal Fear’
’Marika Hackman – In Words’
’Marika Hackman – Monday Afternoon’
’Marika Hackman – Undone, Undress’
’Marika Hackman – Next Year’
’Marika Hackman – Let Me In’
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